My Sexy Mother In Law Part 6
03-03-2014, 03:48 PM,
My Sexy Mother In Law Part 6
It all changed the day after. I became one of them in the sense that they could change the clothes in front of me and I can change before them. Kissing on the lips became very usual. I could even help both for hooking the bra and even choosing the panties for wearing. But one thing was not certain and that was hurting me.

Could it be possible for me and for my mother in law to do oral sex in full consciousness? this question disturbed for quite few days thereafter. I and my wife do visited her house few of the times but I could not muster strength to give her a head in her vaginal in broad day light or put my erected penis in her mouth to be sucked hard.

Whenever it happened, it happened when I was heavily drunk. I also did not know if my wife knew that her mother in law and me had oral sex. Even my mother in law showed any time that I had sucked her pussy during the night. I wanted to sort it out as soon as possible but did not know how to do that. Though I usually went to my mother in laws house all alone and even without informing her in advance.

One day in the evening I became very hot to fancy about my mother in law and me taking shower together, so I could not resist the temptation to visit her. When I reached at his place I found it locked. I rang her mobile and she informed me that she would be reaching in few minutes. I waited for her outside and she came finally. She was holding few packets which she might have purchased in the market.

She told me to get hold of her purse and open the lock. I took the key from the purse and opened the lock. She entered the house and headed to her bedroom and I followed her after bolting the door from inside. She thrown the packets on the bed after reaching in the room and fell on the bed on her back. She was wearing saree with sleeveless blouse.

She outstretched her arms on either side and I noticed that her armpits were shaven very recently. I looked her face carefully and saw that she had got done a facial also as her face was glowing extraordinarily. She requested me to prepare tea for her as she was very tired and needed that urgently. I went into the kitchen, prepared tea and came back in the room. She was still lying on the bed, arms stretched outward in an inviting manner and whitish flesh peeping through the low cut blouse.

Sometimes semi clad woman gives you a good erection in anticipation than a full nude woman. I sat on the chair which was placed near the bedside on which she was lying. I started sipping my cup and placed her cup on the side table of the bed. I aimed my gauze down the blouse and got excited to see her bare white flesh up to the point where she had tied the saree.

Her belly button was looking like a glory hole and I desperately wanted to stick my tongue in it. I did not know what came to her mind when she loosened the knot of her saree while saying It is hurting now, She untied the saree lying on the bed. The belt of her petticoat was visible by now. She even loosened that one and slid it down wards and her pink panty was quite visible.

It was low waist panty so her half of the mound was quite noticeable. It seemed to me that she had got removed hairs from that region. I knew that whenever my wife got removed her hair from that region, she always felt itching sensation for next one or two days. I have also applied some moisture cream on my wife vagina during those days. I knew that my wife could not wear panty during those days.

Mustering some strength I asked my mother in law Did you have your appointment with beautician? she smiled and said Yes. I immediately extended my hand and put it on her belly just above her panty and said feeling itching. She did not remove my hand and nodded. I told her that I knew how it hurts immediately after getting hair removal from pubic area. She said that she could not do anything as she had got removed her hair from armpits.

I got a chance and exclaimed Your friend is here in need, and put my figures in her panty and caressed the skin just above her clitoris. I came on the bed and asked her to raise her hips a little. She followed the instructions immediately and I removed her saree, petticoat and panty from her body. I noticed that her whole legs were vexed and glittering.

I immediately got an erection to see her well shaped legs and thighs. She collapsed her legs tightly and her cunt lips were looking like two beautiful perturbed lips. I jumped out of the bed and fetched bottle of Olive oil placed on the dressing table. On that very moment my mobile rang which was lying on the bed. My mother in law saw it was my wife calling. She made the phone on speaker and took the call.

My wife was saying Mahesh do me a favor. You please go to my mother’s house and help her as she got her hair removed from her body today. I will be joining you there after three hours. Please make Nisha comfortable with your massage as you make me whenever I get my hair removed, saying that she hanged up the phone.

My mother in law started laughing to the command given by her daughter to her husband. I felt embarrassed for few seconds. I placed the Olive oil bottle on the bedside table and put off my pant, shirt and vest. I was wearing V shaped brief only. I opened the bottle, took some oil on one of my palm, and placed the bottle back on the table. I smeared the oil on both of my hands and placed my palm on her vaginal area.

I massaged her thighs around the vagina very slowly. As I was applying oil to her my nostrils were releasing hot breath on her cunt. I realized that her cunt muscle started contracting and opening in a rhythm. I knew that she was being horny. I took the bottle again from the table and pour few drops of oil on her both legs below the thighs but up to ankles. I rested the bottle on the bed after closing tightly and started applying my both palms on the fleshy legs very gently but firmly.

I took care that my nostrils continuously release hot air only at her cunt lips. My penis was making a big tent in my brief and was quite noticeable. I saw that her hips were making upward and downward movements in a systematic manner. I saw that her cunt lips contracted for few seconds and when they separated wetness was noticeable in the inner side.

Just to see her response of withdraw of hot air I took the bottle again and put some oil on the region below the ankle but up to her toes. I changed my body position in a way that my legs were stretched up to her head and I was massaging her legs while resting myself on my elbows. My penis was touching her stomach side through the brief and I pressed it further by moving my hands up to her ankle.

Now I could hear her fainted moans and understood that she was enjoying the erotic massage of mine. To give her more lustful pleasure I extended my mouth up to her feet by resting my body on the bed and gave a lick to her feet with my tongue. She gave a shudder but I kept on licking the space between her figures while massaging her legs with my palms. I opened my mouth and took one of her thumb very gently in my lips and released that after giving a suck to it. I heard Ahhhh.

I gave the same treatment to all her feet fingers one by one. Now my hand was just near her vaginal area but I was taking utmost care not to venture into it till forced by her. I place my thumb near the entry through her ass line and waited while giving a blow job to one of her thumb. She moved her hips a little and my thumb entered in her glory hole. My thumb got wet but I did not make any motion.

She was moving her hips in such a manner that my thumb was becoming in and out of her vagina. My penis was very hot and hard at that time and I was feeling a little pain in my testicles because of brief. I moved my hand from her vagina and very cautiously released my pole and testicles from brief by lowering it to my things. My pole sprang out and was trying to make a hole on her hip side which she noticed. She was moaning by saying , Ahhhh!very frequently.

I did not want to show any intention of taking her cunt so I sat on the bed and came near to her breasts. I saw that her eyes were closed and she was chewing her own lips in excitement. She was looking like a desperate for a great fuck but I did not want to oblige her without her advance. I poured some drops of olive oil in her both arm pits and started smearing the oil with my hands on both of those.

She opened the eyes as the pleasure given to her feet was ended and looked at me in a seductive manner. I took the opportunity and said Nisha are you feeling comfortable. She smiled and said A little bit Sunny. I extended my hands further up her outstretched arms by pouring few of the drops of Olive oil. It was becoming near impossible to reach further up to her one of the arms so I jumped on her and sat on her stomach.

Now I can extend my hands up further. I again took some oil in both of my palms and messaged her arms up to her hand. Now I am nearly lying on her and my chest was touching her breasts. I wanted to release her boobs from her bra to feel her erected nipples on my chest. I smoothly massaged her arms for quite some time which resulted in tightening of her blouse because of her growing boobs.

My face was just near to her face and hot released from both of our nostrils was touching each other flesh. My penis was touching her clitoris and she was trying to move her hips under me. She whispered in my ear Please open my blouse. It is hurting now. I obliged without wasting any seconds. I opened the buttons of the blouse and then unhooked the bra from behind as she raised her chest to give way to my hand.

I released her bra by stretching it out from one side but could not remove the blouse from her body. While releasing her bra and caressed my palm deliberately on both of nipples and felt the hardness. I again outstretched my arms up to her hand for massage and felt her nipples on my bare chest. Now she was almost naked under my body. I moved my chest in the guise of massaging her in such a manner that her nipples got friction through my chest muscles.

Her breath was becoming heavy and she was gasping for air under my weight. I took the advantage and made myself up but to be there I took some oil in my palms and started applying to her neck muscles. She smiled and said You are a perfect lady massage. I replied by saying Thank you Nisha. I deliberately took her name for the second time.I took more advantage and my hands slipped to her breasts.

I rolled my fingers around the base of her boobs very gently and slowly. I was sitting on her while caressing her boobs and pinching her nipples very lightly in between. As I was squatting on her and my balls and penis were out of the brief she could see my erection whenever she raised her head in excitement. My penis was saluting the beauty lying before me but was not being allowed to venture in any of the hole.

I slid a little downward and found my testicles on her swollen cunt lips. The wet sensation on my balls shoots out the head of my penis fully from the foreskin. I withered a little on her cunt lips deliberately in the guise of applying more oil from the bottle on her boobs and she reacted by saying Ohhhh! I was being excited to see her reactions on my movements. I slide a little more downwards and rested my hot and hard dick head on her vaginal opening and bent downwards and started licking her erected nipples.

She was being so excited that I felt wetness on my cock head which was knocking her cunt lips to enter in the cave. I noticed that more she was being excited by my slurping on her boobs more she contracting her thighs together. I understood that she was not allowing me to enter her glory hole in spite of the fact that her pussy for dying hard for a great fuck.

I pressed my lips more on her well shaped breast and tried to take as much flesh as I could in my mouth. I was sucking her boob wildly by raising my head with a speed. I tried to insert my penis into her cave by raising my hip a little upwards and then thumping my cock on the cunt lips with a speed but instead of going in the door it slipped upwards.

I tried few times but I could not make it and my pole vomited the whole fluid on her upper part of the vagina. As my pole was emptying her fluid, she also released her juices having a great orgasm. I firmly held her head when I was releasing sperms and took her upper lip in my lips and started sucking very hardly. She responded by licking my lower lip. I emptied my balls spreading the sperms on vagina, on thighs and her stomach. Her juices made my whole things wet. I said raising my face from her,

Nisha you are wonderful sexy. She smiled and kissed me and said You are a wonderful lover. I stood up from her and saw our liquid was quite visible on our legs and stomachs. In jumped off the bed and stoop low and placed my arms beneath her waist and legs and pulled up her to my waist. She immediately caught hold of my neck and said what next. I took her into my arms and came out of room and said bath for the young lady. She stroked her face into my chest and pulled chest hair with her lips being excited. I made her sit on a stool and stood before her.

She pulled down my brief and said let me have full view of your organs. I opened the tap of the shower and water started falling on both of us. Being well drenched I ask her to stand and soaped her full body. I asked her to open her legs a little and inserted my fingers in her cunt to clean it. I rubbed my hand on her hips even up to ass hole taking quite some time.

After giving soap to her I opened the shower again and caressed my hand over her shoulder down to her boobs very slowly. With one of my hand I fingered her cunt in the guise of removing soap from it. It was very hot inside. She immediately sat on the stool and shakes my penis with soap in her hands. It worked and immediately got erection. She pulled the foreskin from the head and washed it with flowing water. I looked downwards and noticed that his mouth was very near to my throbbing dick.

She was looking at my penis with passion and I felt hot breath on its head though water was flowing downwards. I pushed my dick towards her mouth when I saw her mouth was wide open. In one stroke my penis was inside her mouth and I did not move. I felt her lips collapsing the shaft of my penis. She made a move and took the maximum of my dick up to her throat by pressing her mouth on my shaft. I was in heaven and opened the tap more and the shower was sending the water as it was raining heavily.

I did not show that I was in her mouth and after two strokes of her on my pole by her lips; I made a back move and stood her by pulling her shoulders. I put off the tap of the shower. She was clinging to me. My pole was making repeated throbbing at her vagina. Then I noticed that she spread her legs a little and swollen head of my penis slid in the vagina. I did not show any sign of excitement and took the towel from the shelf and started drying her.

After completely drying her and any myself I again took her in my arms and brought her in the bed room and rested her on the bed. While I was placing her on bed, she took hold of my erected penis very firmly and I could not make a balance I fell down to her cunt. She immediately collapsed her legs and around my neck and said, Casper Love Mommy.

I could not resist and opened my mouth and started licking her pussy while chewing her cunt lips. Yes make love deeper Casper, She said. I inserted my tongue deeper in her vagina by pulling her cunt lips outside. She became so horny that she was moving my head up and down while pulling my hairs. She was moving her hips also very fast to match the upper thrusts and movements.

I felt some juiced pouring out on my face and she tightly held my face for quite some time in a single position. I licked and sucked the juice as much as I could. After some time she loosened the grip on my head and released me and fell on the bed. My face was on the wet cunt. Casper clean mom with your sweet tongue, She said. I obeyed her admiringly.

After that cleaning, I noticed that more than two hours have passed since my wife rang me up to take care of her mother. I asked Nisha should I cook food.She replied sheepishly Yes Stud. I stood up from there and headed to kitchen. I knew now on wards I can call her Nisha and have an access to her cunt as and when I desire being her Casper. But can it be done in front of my wife; I knew it all depends on what my Mother in Law tells to my wife about my services to her today. I guess she would and it happened when she came after I have cooked the food. To Be Continued in Part 7
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